User Guide

Gastite™ – Crimp fit for GAS plumbing made easy.

Must be installed by a licensed gas fitter as per AS/NZS 5601-1-2013

Gastite™ pipe has been tested in accordance with AS4176:8 under licence No AMI 74540
Gastite™ pipe is constructed from layers of aluminium and cross-linked polyethylene pipe and is impenetrable from gases/oxygen.
The structure and design of the pipe compensates for snap-back forces and linear expansion caused by temperature changes.
The system is simple, safe and pipe installation is fast.
Pipe is easy to bend by hand, cut, chamfer, ream and crimp.

Type of pipe:       B1
Pipe Colour:       
Material:       PEX / AL / PEX
Gas Supply
Service Temperatures:       -40ºC ˜ +95ºC
Max. Working Pressure:       
10 Bar


Gastite™ product range

The GastiteTM product range includes a variety of fittings and pipe to suit  16mm / 20mm / 25mm gas applications. Cutting and fitting tools are also required to make it easy to complete the work successfully and securely.


Reamer tool

Designed for easy use and is made of plastic with steel cutting blades. Tool is inserted into the pipe for chamfering and recalibrating/rounding, in preparation for the fitting to be installed.
Use reamer tool for recalibrating/rounding and chamfering pipes in 16, 20 and 25mm sizes.

Pipe cutting tool

Racheting action, designed for smooth, even cutting of GastiteTM pipe
Used for cutting GastiteTM PEX / AL / PEX pipes 16, 20, 25mm.

Crimping tool

Gastite™ manual crimping tool allows for strong and stable connection of Gastite fittings to pipe.
Adjustable manual crimping tool with press jaws

Crimp Inserts

Crimp tool inserts are available in the following sizes, to suit manual crimping tool:


Installing the crimp inserts

Select compatible crimp inserts according to the pipe and fitting size being used. Unscrew locking bolts in crimping tool jaws and place crimp insert into jaw head, ensuring both halves of the insert are same way up – eg. size number engraved. Replace locking bolt and screw into the crimp insert, tightening firmly with spanner.


Gastite™ fitting instructions

Pipe preparation

Inspect and ensure pipe is in good order, free of any dirt or damage. Cut pipe to required length, the pipe end should be cut square at 90˚


Chamfering and recalibrating of pipe

The pipe end must be chamfered and recalibrated correctly so as not to damage the O-ring during fitting installation and to also allow the fitting to be inserted easily into the pipe.

Checking the profile of pipe after chamfering and recalibrating

Make sure the pipe end profile is recalibrated and chamfered smoothly. All shavings caused by chamfering operation need to be removed and cleaned from the inside and the outside of the pipe end.


Connecting fittings to pipe

Check the fitting and pipe sizes are compatible. ie 25mm fittings = 25mm pipe.
Pipe must be pushed straight into fitting sleeve until the pipe outer surface can be seen through the inspection hole, as per the photos below.
Please Note: Do not “screw” or turn pipe when inserting fitting into the pipe – it should be pushed only.


Crimping the fittings

Open jaws of crimping tool and align against yellow plastic collar of the fitting. Ensure jaws are pushed flush against the yellow collar, leaving no gap. Using handles of crimping tool, close the close jaws completely, applying firm pressure to ensure a secure crimp.

When the jaw is completely closed, the handles will be self-locked. Open the handles and remove the Crimping tool from the fitting and the installation is complete.



Final testing

Once installation has been completed Installation needs to be leak tested this should be carried out in accordance with the standard AS/NZS 5601-1-2013 and any local regulation or requirements.
It is the responsibility of the licenced installer to ensure that all joints and fittings are inspected, checked and tested for leaks, that all crimping operation are correct and that the installation is safe and compliant.

General product information

GastiteTM products are only to be used on gas applications. The products are not approved for any water installations.

GastiteTM cannot be used for direct appliance connections.

GastiteTM pipe sizing table charts are available at
All applications should only use GastiteTM sizing charts which are specific to the GastiteTM system.

GastiteTM temperature and pressure rating:
70kpa @ 80°C (Gas applications only).

The GastiteTM Pipe Reamer tool must be used to chamfer and prepare pipe end after every cut. Failure to use the tool will void warranty.

GastiteTM has a 25 year warranty
Must be installed by a licensed gas fitter as per AS/NZS 5601-1-2013.